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Divine Mother Light language art


My Journey

Being partially deaf as a child left me with difficulties in communicating, but it taught me to see and feel with the other senses and connect with the subtle realm. Even though i couldn’t hear with my physical ears, I could hear what was invisible to most of those around me. I began Seeing spirits, hearing voices and having visions in my dreams which became very confusing at times and frightened me. Growing up this way proved to be difficult at times, but i had a very strong warrior spirit and persevered through it all.

My wake up call to this path was my need to heal my own trauma. I went through a lot to get here. But most of us if not all of us went through a lot to get here. I had a near death experience, struggled with addictions, got sober and began to heal myself. Going through all of these experiences allowed me to see it is possible to heal from deep pain

In 2012 I was introduced to Reiki and had my first session with my soon to be Reiki teacher. It was from that point that the fire was lit and in 2013 I started my training. Over several years of self healing and working with clients I wanted to dive deeper. By 2015 I completed my master teacher level and became a certified massage therapist. I was inspired to further strengthen, clarify and integrate my awareness of the many levels of subtle energy. After researching other modalities I opened myself up to all possibilities.

It was through this experimental and experiential adventure that I connected with Light Language, the language of the Soul. After an activation in 2018, I began to speak it and later my writing of light language began to take form. While using light language in my Reiki sessions, I noticed amazing results. Being the curious person I am, I went on a search for answers. This led me to find Jamye Price, healer, author and Light Language teacher. I studied with Jayme so that I could integrate Light Language with my other modalities to help heal others.

My awareness of subtle energies along with my other passion, art, inspired me to see if there could be a way of combining the two: creating a unique and powerful expression of soul. And what began was “Activated Art”. The pieces I create with light language are meant to provoke thought, activate DNA, release what no longer serves and heal.This is just another way in which I chose to serve humanity and awaken the light inside of us all. The art you see on my website are all my creations.

In 2020 I expanded on my practice and found Crystalline Soul Healing® which was a perfect addition to my many talents as a healer. Using this modality on myself helped me to peel back all the layers and to see where I was at with my own journey of self discovery. It was in the process that I realized I am no longer the wounded healer. I am the empowered healer lifting others to their full potential.

I am proud of my work. I am passionate about my work. And I get to do the work I love; which is helping others to rise into their empowerment. I have an incredible ability to clear the path for others and help them break through spiritual, mental and emotional blocks. I can see the root of things very clearly, i call it “root cause analysis”. My mission through service is to treat people the way they deserve to be treated. I believe how people are treated is important because they feel seen, respected and honored.

My hope is that after reading a bit of my story, you feel inspired to tell yours. Keep shining that beautiful light you have inside.Step into your power and begin the journey to self discovery, or pick up where you left off.There is no perfect time than the present to be the love that you are .

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