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Not sure if my healing services will fit your needs? Take a look at what some of my past clients have said about their experiences with me and explore the many ways I have helped them.

“I attended Biofield Tuning Practitioner Training with Marion and knew immediately that she would become a skilled Tuner. She’s truly a gifted healer with such beautiful energy and extensive knowledge in many areas. After only one session with Marion I felt more joyful, peaceful, and grounded. The benefits I feel with my health and life have continued to unfold in such wonderful ways. Thank you for sharing your light with me! Much LOVE…”
— Cate from Bend, OR


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Marion for the power up attunement which I received from her on Monday the 11th Oct. Her demeanor is warm, friendly and quickly I felt at ease. As an aside, I had been working on an issue for a few days prior to seeing her and was still processing some of the details before the session and Marion had intuitively picked them in the working. Then when we went into the attunement process, Marion was channeling through light codes which were personal to me and they were lovely to listen to. I did sneak a peek  once or twice, even though I thought I should have my eyes closed and I saw her weaving her hands, weaving renewed codes into my template and it felt just so soulfully satisfying. At some point, I felt drawn to call  in a symbol to work with, which I did, at which point I recall she asked me something and as soon as I started speaking, my right ear went deaf, like I was in a very quiet room and it started picking up an intense high pitch tone. I actually flinched for a moment but it normalised very quickly.  This was when Marion mentioned that there was a significant number of certain energies types (which I did not tell her were a significant element of my family mythos and also my tattoos.) coming into the space.

The rest of the session went well, I think at some point the 1.5 hrs just felt like it was moving like mercury, I could see things were being done, but in retrospect it felt so very quick.

Post Attunement: Wow!! Lets just say that just 24 hours after I received my attunement from Marion, I had channeled through 3 major Light Codes, all of which visually and energetically feels like quite a major step up from my previous style. And I have 2 more on the go as well. The attunement was just 3 days ago!!!

Marion, you are amazing!! Thank you for the work you do, it felt good to receive and it’s even better when there are very visible cues to the changes that have been made energetically.

May you continue to be a powerful facilitator to the Awakening of the Collective.


Much love and gratitude to Marion. I see Marion as a peer and equal. As a healer myself I am very fussy about who works in my field. I completely trust Marion.

I have received a few healing sessions from Marion and she is simply amazing.

She has an incredible sense of energy and a and laser sharp attention to detail. I felt totally held and supported during the healing sessions.

Marion was able to pinpoint areas in my body where the energies where blocked and best of all was that I could feel and confirm these in my body.

Thank you for shining your beautiful light in this world. I appreciate you. I see you.

In Lak’ech

Markus van der Westhuizen


My session with Marion could never be described accurately with words, but I will try.  First, healing with energy is always an individual experience, we receive what we need in our own individual way and some healers, I believe, are more tapped into Source than others. This was my first session with Marion and I had no idea what to expect. The closest I can come to describing my experience with Marion is when I did Ayahuasca in Peru, and this session was like a reactivation of that!  Marion is a pure channel and very very powerful.  She completely tapped into my energy (via zoom) and the work began with my energy body.  It was the most intense and amazing session I have ever had with anyone without plant medicine.  She is a Master, and this is not an exaggeration.  It is obvious when working with her that her spiritual disciplines and practices is what allows her to connect with Source so powerfully.  I completely trust her with my energy body and will continue to work with her during this ascension process.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.


 You know that feeling when you meet someone who is doing the work they were born to do?  That is the GIFT of being able to work with Marion. I have had three sessions with Marion and every time her intuition has been spot on and has been such a help to me in gaining clarity right when I needed it. She has helped me in trusting my own intuition more, shifting and clearing energy, and most recently with healing a shoulder injury. Her insights and healing with such love and compassion have enriched my life by giving me such heart opening experiences that I have been able to make shifts that have benefited my health and my life. I am deeply grateful for Marion.

Tracy W

 I started on my own journey of recovering from my past trauma about 6 years ago. My biggest difficulties have been disassociation and connecting to my body. I have experienced chronic pain as a result of stored trauma in my body and it has been an uphill battle. Marion Hobbs has been a true asset in my journey of healing. Through her practice of spiritual healing and various avenues of techniques, I have become aware of my body not only experiencing less pain but disassociating less. She has taught me how to protect myself from absorbing negative energy that contributes to my stress and she has kept my spirit in-tuned with this beautiful body I inhabit. I am very fortunate that I crossed paths with this woman and if it wasn’t for her I would not be able to progress in my spiritual connection with myself. Her empathy, and compassion for people are unmatched and her ability to open up the body to a better way of life is unparalleled. The way I feel after a session is calm, at peace and grounded. I walk away with a solution and focus on how to better enhance this life experience. I know I will always get the truth and I have never felt unsafe or disadvantaged as a result of her sessions. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a spiritual solution or insight into their life experiences. 

Heather B


 I wanted to express my gratitude to you for the healing I have received through my sessions with you. You came into my life at a time where I had experienced the darkest of times. I had experienced so much loss with my sisters passing. With our sessions I was able to release so much stored pain, grief, and feelings of being lost in life. I was able to connect with my sister at a soul level and realize death is just a transition to another state. A state of our natural higher existence. I was able to also connect to my higher self and heal past trauma and experiences that were holding me and my body hostage. With each session brought a new level of healing. I have also been able to recognize my own healing, psychic and empathic abilities. I look forward to many more sessions and continuing on this path of healing with your help. So much love and gratitude.

Cynthia T

I want to take a moment  to leave an amazing review and highest recommendation on a Crystalline Soul Healing I had received from Marion! I am still floating on the amazing energy! Her talent as well as gifts are nothing like I have felt before! She has cleared so many deep rooted ties that i never knew were holding me back. Sometimes the fast paced world can spin us without even realizing it. Thank You so much for your time and energy <3 
Invest in yourself today by setting up an appointment with her! You will not be disappointed

Becky B

Marion is a wonderfully gifted healer!  She was very organized and professional in setting up our session. Before our session, I felt a few parts of myself were stuck both physically and energetically. Marion was able to tap into energy that helped provide shifts and movement within me. She also offered some powerful insights that helped me understand what was going on.  Her energy is beautiful, powerful and incredibly healing.  She also provided helpful information about what to expect within the next few days after a session.  What a wonderful experience- thank you!

Laura C

 After my first session with Marion I swear to the universe I felt like I could fly! I felt lighter physically and mentally and spiritually! I smiled for no reason! I was hooked. I could see energy after each session and got an answer for everything I told her I felt and saw and thought. She really is a vessel of light and magic! After every session I was walking on clouds, I felt great and happy, I felt like my body and soul was literally getting cleansed. Marion is no joke. She’s the real deal.  She’s truly a special being and everyone needs to get reiki, and especially the crystalline soul healing done by her. It is life changing. 

Angela L

 After many conversations with Marion I was very intrigued by her many modalities of healing. Her ability to be present and explain clearly some of my foggy thoughts and feelings encouraged me to book my first session.
I felt my soul and physical bodies together with intentions of care and acceptance.
Im truly, deeply and thankful for Marions wisdom, integrity, clarity and more

Lara C

I had the pleasure of having a session with Marion recently . She took me on a journey of healing and clarity. She already has such a calming energy, but when she spoke in light language I was transported. It was wonderful. She was also able to answer some important questions about my family. I gained so much from this experience. Can’t wait to do it again.

Julie L

The reason I had asked Marion to do a session is because I was having night terrors. It had been years since I had these nightmares and I thought that I had overcome them. I didn't know what to do. And Let me say that I don't have a lot of experience with this kind of stuff. Crystals, incense, chakras, spiritual world, that hasn't been my jam. But I was open to any type of solution to these awful and terrifying nightmares. When Marion started the session, the experience itself was very meditative. She used light language and helped smooth out my energy. Afterwards she explained to me what she felt. She explained to me that I did all the work and she only guided me. She felt that I had never closed doors to certain traumas from my past. That made sense to me, even through all the therapy and other support groups I could see how I never energetically closed those doors.  After the session I felt empowered. I felt beautiful and strong. I felt lighter and lifted. Its been over a month since my session and I am so surprised to say I have not had one single nightmare since. I went from having up to 3 a night for about 6 months to none! 

Let me also share what my expectations and intentions were before I hired Marion. I was open to anything new. I was open for the experience. I believed in it because I know Marion feels strongly about what she does. I wanted something to lift this darkness I was experiencing in my sleep. I didn't expect all my life problems to be solved and for any negative emotion to be completely removed. I am aware if life's ups and down. 

    Would I say Marion's practice helped me? Absolutely. It was only a gain, nothing bad came from my experience with her. 

Sammy M

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