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Biofield Tuning Opening and closing sequence 

For grounding and balancing you body and energy 

Curious about how distance sessions work? This simple opening and closing sequence is a part of a standard Tuning session That I facilitate in person and over zoom.  This should give you a feel for what these sessions sound and feel like over zoom. There are many ways to explain sessions that don't take place in person, in fact the information you can find about it is vast. So rather than answer or explain how this works, i'm a "just try it and see if it works" type. 

If this session was pleasant and left you feeling uplifted, come try my once a month group session over zoom or book an appointment!!

Biofield Tuning for the Gut Microbiome 

Bringing harmony into the Gut Biome 

Gut microbiome tuning fork session is a unique and innovative approach to improve gut health. By using specific sound frequencies, this session aims to balance the gut microbiome and promote overall wellness. Book your session today and experience the benefits of different Biofield tuning sessions such as this one. 

Biofield Tuning for clearing your space and home 

Bring your space into Harmony 

Biofield tuning is a powerful technique that can help you harmonize your space and home. By using sound frequencies, this method can help you move stagnant energy and promote a sense of calm and balance in your environment. Whether you're looking to create a more peaceful home or simply want to improve the energy in your space, Biofield tuning can be a valuable tool to add to your wellness toolkit.

Biofield Tuning for the Hypothalamus 

A support for the Hypothalamus that links to the endocrine system

Using Biofield tuning to support the hypothalamus in managing the endocrine system. The Hypothalamus helps to regulate the bodies temperature, hunger, thirst, and mood. This Tuning therapy can help you achieve optimal health and wellness. Trust in the power of biofield tuning to support your body's natural healing processes.

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