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Available Online

Group Biofield Tuning Session

Group Biofield Tuning Session live on ZOOM December 10th @ 11am PST 2pm EST - 7pm GMT(UK Time)

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 36 US dollars
  • Online Zoom session

Service Description

Remote group sessions are a powerful way to experience Biofield tuning. These sessions are conducted online and live via ZOOM. While in a group setting, I tune into the collective energy and begin the process of locating areas of “stuckness” within the group field. Any areas of dissonance in the group field will be harmonized, allowing a stronger flow of energy to be introduced into the body. In these types of sessions you can have profound individual experiences with the support of the group energy. The energy of each participant does not, and will not, interfere or enmesh with each other. All aspects of healing we navigate through will be filtered through the higher self/soul aspect of each participant. Group sessions vs One on one: One on one sessions are different due to being able to focus more on detailed information and attention to the individual. So as the practitioner I can give more intimate details and receive feedback from the client as I am working in the field. Whereas group sessions tend to be more of a broader perspective and an overall general felt sense. Group session procedure: We will begin with a moment of silence and short meditation to get into the space of relaxation. I will start with the opening sequence in biofield tuning, which includes pulling the Earth star down to connect into the earths energy, and pulling up the Sun star to run a bidirectional flow through the central channel(spinal column). Using a pendulum, I’ll go to the hologram(you) on my table and ask where the body wants to be worked on. Testing each energy center/chakra and addressing what needs to be worked on. After working in the filed, I will follow up with the closing sequence and aftercare. These sessions will be 90 min long, so dress comfortably and find a setting where you can have space to move around or lay down. The sound on zoom can cut out and you may not hear the forks at full capacity, healing work is still occurring regardless of sound quality. Wearing head phones can enhance the sound, but not required ATTENTION** Biofield tuning is not advised for this who are very ill as it may create a strong healing response in the system. This type of healing work can create a detox reaction and produce flu like symptoms, exhaustion, emotional responses, increased thirst and in very rare cases rashes, mucus, loose stool, ect. These symptoms will pass within a few days. **CONTRAINDICATIONS Cancer, pregnancy, pace makers and recent head injuries

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule a session please contact me 24hrs before your scheduled appointment. A credit will be provided toward your next session should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. All sales are final and refunds are not provided. Once a service such as Biofield tuning, Reiki or Crystalline soul healing has been provided, a refund is not possible. NO Refunds on the Live Group Biofield Tuning Sessions. Should you not be able to attend the live group, a sound recording will be available to you.

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